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Winter Weekly Rhythm

Updated: Apr 20

If you really know me you are aware of my compulsive need to jot everything down on paper. I could spend way too much time writing in full detail my daily, weekly, monthly schedule and beyond. I geek out about daily rhythms and love to talk to other Mamas about theirs. I gain so much through conversation  and it helps me to implement new ideas or find solutions to places that could use a little love in our lives at home.

I enjoy the release that comes from a good brain dump and the old school form of pen to paper and how therapeutic it can be.  I love to look ahead each season to assess what our rhythm will look like so we can thrive. The farm is already hinting of spring but we aren't there yet. Right now we are still very much in our winter rhythm. There are minor shifts and little tweaks that help us flow with the changes of each season.

I call it a “rhythm” and not a “schedule” so I don’t feel restricted and confined to my daily routine. A little time allotted each week to plan has allowed for more flexibility in our week and more ease in our days. I gain freedom in my days by investing in a small amount of planning ahead of time. You would think it could feel restricting or controlling but honestly, a rhythm is anything but. It has breathed new life into my days. What I tend to are in process while making sure the essential daily tasks are getting done most of the time.

I am the schedule for five beings and two businesses. Being intentional while creating a weekly rhythm each season has helped to make sure I am prioritizing my family’s values. It prevents decision fatigue and helps me to know what to do in the allotted time I have. No freezing anymore, more flowing through my days. And when they don’t, it stands out clearly to me that I have some shifting around to do to allow room for the things that bring rest and joy.

 I have five words that some up my personal focus in this season of my life. Relationships. Community. Mother Nature. Creativity. Presence. Each of these words together sum up what means the most to me right now and what I want to fill my days with. I can take a look at my weekly schedule and make sure what I commit to reflects this. So here is a little window into our days with our current weekly rhythm. By the time you are reading this I may have already changed something up, but in general, this is my family’s anchor for the winter season.

I have a slight obsession discussing rhythms with other women. It helps me gain insight on what is and isn’t working in my own life. Are we thriving? How can I bring more peace and ease into each day? Is there white space in our week, in each day?

What I really hope is that building a weekly rhythm this season brings lightness into your days. I hope it becomes a refresh for how you want to feel, how you want to show up for your people and instill motivation for all you want to create. I hope it brings awareness to what you have on your plate so the downtime can stay right where it is for you to rest and recharge. I hope it makes you reflect and decide if what you've been filling in your days is still working for you.

Let these journal prompts help you create a meaningful weekly rhythm this season.

  • What are the values you hold that are the roots to your whole routine?

  • What are your non-negotiables?

  • Fill in your daily have to’s that are non-negotiable (work, appointments, commitments, activities)

  • Can each day have an overall intent to balance out your week? Ex: Tuesday is full of out of the house activities. My two littlest head to Grandma and Grandpa’s while Charlotte and I head to her Waldorf School. I go grocery shopping and work a couple hours of business. vs. Wednesday’s are usually a home grounding day where we dig in deeper with school work, house chores and add in more outdoor play, a craft or extra baking.

  • Daily cleaning task for each day

  • Take a good look at the flow of your week, how many outings, commitments, how much is on your plate? How are you feeling this week (where are you in your cycle)? What season are we in and how can you show grace in it? 

  • Choose a day of rest. Can you commit to 24 hours where you can let go of progress and expectation. This is such a practice for me. I rarely can squeeze in 24 hours but I try to do my best to schedule activities that will allow for rest and intrinsically motivating activities.  I try to use this time to meal plan and prep for my week which always makes our week run smoother.

  • Daily tasks 3-5 (try to be reasonable about your expectations). I try to prioritize my work tasks and be clear of what the "MIT" of the day is or most important task. This helps me take baby steps forward most days.

  • What could you let go of right now? Take note of your white space to reflect back on when something tries to fill that space.


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