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A flow yoga practice that is a harmonic blend of movement from challenge to rest through dynamic sequencing. The layout of the class is intended to give peace to the mind and space for the physical body. The focus on breath with fluid movement helps ease you into your physical body naturally. It is encouraged to make the yoga class personalized by leaving out poses, adjusting them, or even adding challenges to them to fit your needs.  The effectiveness of the practice can be felt by the quality of each pose rather than the number of poses the body is led through. The practice will allow the physical body to gain flexibility and strength as the mind settles.



 A practice to learn the foundation of each pose and be soft with the body. There is an opportunity to explore the physical space as you hold poses for an extended period of time. The practice is slow, gentle, and fluid with the breath. This is a wonderful practice to allow for healing and rejuvenation to take place. There is still physical strengthening with lots of focus on lengthening and creating space in the body.



 A place where you can come to relax the body, relax the mind as the task is to exude as little physical effort as possible. Allowing the body to truly unfold and relax is to allow the body to renew. You will be directed through a handful of poses throughout the entire practice. In each pose, the body will rest in a comfortable position using props, bolsters and or blankets for support.  With little to no movement and the attention given to the breath, the body can relieve itself of any tension improving overall well-being, muscle tension, and circulation. 



A modern way of practicing yoga on the water. You have the chance to hop onto a paddleboard and test your body's balance. It demands your attention at all times otherwise you just may take a dip. Don't let that scare you. The class is serene, playful and yet challenging. Mother Nature determines the conditions on the board whether it be a rocky ride or as smooth as glass. These classes always end with smiles. All levels are welcome. I look forward to this short season every year!

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