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We raise a small herd of Saanen dairy goats here on the farm. Every one of our goats is able to browse on green pasture during the warm months. They are also fed high quality hay, organic grain and natural herbal supplements.


Our summer evenings are often spent as a family taking the goats for walks on our trails as we watch the sun go down.


Extra attention is given to our milking does who provide so much for our family and help us to make our favorite goat milk soap and products.


Our goats certainly are part of the family.



We raise heritage breed American Guinea Hogs. We love them for their laid-back disposition. They are a pleasure to be around and make for excellent foragers requiring less supplemental feed compared to modern commercial breeds.


We rotate our hogs to fresh pasture regularly and supplement their wild forage/grass diet with organic grain. They receive no hormones, anti-biotics or medications other than herbal remedies.

Never using the same ground more than 2x per calendar year allows our pasture ground ample time to regenerate. Our livestock does not deplete our land but actually works to help naturally fertilize, till and enhance the soil. 

Higher pH levels in the pork meat contributes to its famed juiciness, flavor, tenderness and marbling. These slow growing heritage hogs are sought after by chefs and pork connoisseurs for its flavor and fat content. 

Even though our Hogs are only with us for between 12 and 14 months we still treat them with the same kindness that all of our animals receive at the farm.

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Our Broiler Chickens are raised on fresh pasture and rotated atleast once per day. They enjoy a wild forage diet along with certified organic grain only. They receive no hormones, anti-biotics or medications other than herbal remedies. We take pride in growing our chickens at a slow natural pace allowing them to live a happy existence of foraging on grass and bugs for the duration of their lives on the farm.  ​ ​​

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