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Living a life made simple. That is the true soul objective. From this place, we can experience our true nature joy.


When we surrender to the flow, everything becomes a little bit easier. The same way we flow through the poses in a yoga practice, our life can flow in a matter of ease. It comes from listening in. When we listen to our bodies, when we listen to our own truth, we find a place of harmony within ourselves, our community, our world.


As we become aware of our truth, it seeps into everything. Our yoga begins to transcend into all aspects of our life. It begins to ripple into the lives of those we surround ourselves with. Awareness becomes contagious.

Throughout my practice, I become aware that it always comes back to a personal journey. My mat is a place where I find my own path, not that of someone else's. It is a sacred place for my flow, and my truth. As your mat is your foundation for your flow, and your truth, your growth, and transformation.


As a teacher, I hold a space that allows you to guide yourself toward that honesty. I strive to allow you to open up to yourself, to face your own challenges, and to see an opportunity for growth where growth is necessary. A place to make your own choices.


Yoga is intended for every body. There is honestly no better time to establish a practice than right now. The key is showing up and giving yourself persmission to try and to keep coming back for more. You will start to find that you can become more comfortable with the uncomfortable that arises on the mat. That may feel like a tight hip, an extended hold in a posture, or the demand of a more fluid pace. It is inevitable that you will build strength and flexibility so I will remind you there is no need to fixate on this outcome, it is happening.  Allow for the practice to be a process. The yoga that I offer is physically challenging but never without rest. I always promote that you, who knows yourself best, adapts the practice to your needs. I am here to hold space for you and guide you along the way. I want you to tap into your potential. All you have to do is arrive.

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