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Simple Life

Updated: Feb 3

I think everyone would agree that farm life is one way to fulfill living “the simple life.” It is comical because running a farm is anything but. My days are full of responsiblity and tasks that are not optional. But here I am preaching the simple life and slow living endlessly.

I mistep nearly every day in trying to slow dow even when this concept is not new to me. But quite honestly, I don’t think the lifestyle is something meant to be perfected. Thank goodness for that. It is intended for us to keep showing up for the challenge. We are the lucky ones who may very well look back and have the privilege to say we have lived an intentional full life.

And that is what I think is the golden nugget of it all… Can you be intentional through each task, each phase of the day? Can you be unhurried, here? Can you catch yourself in those moments you are winding up and adapt, adjust?

The simple life is not meant for solely us farmers and it’s not meant to do ALL things slowly. It’s here to find the peace, ease, and beauty in this fast paced world. It’s here to enjoy the monotonous tasks and here to whisper that your purpose is to fulfill the moment not to go chasing down the next. If you practice and I practice then hopefully we can

keep reminding eachother.

I hope whatever is on your plate that you can catch your breath even sing a little song. I hope you can do it all while infusing more pleasure throughout your day.

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