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At Parker's Old Time Farm we produce hand crafted small batch 100% Pure wood fired Maple Syrup. In February and March you can find us spending long days and nights in our sugar shack keeping the evaporator burning. All of our syrup is created from sap collected in the forest on our farm. The sap is boiled down in our wood fired evaporator. The finished syrup is gravity filtered and packaged hot.

In an effort to be as sustainable as possible, all of the wood we burn for maple syrup production is harvested from our land. We pride ourselves in utilizing as many standing dead trees and already fallen tree limbs as possible; in an effort to never overharvest our timber, allowing us a lifetime of sustainable syrup making fuel.

We will have bottles of syrup for sale on the farm every year from February until supplies are sold out. 


16 fl. oz Glass Bottle $16

32 fl. oz Glass Bottle $32

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