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Two Little Ladies

Things that have came along with being a mama.

•cry a lot more... across the board

•true mama bear, it’s the real deal

•someone to accept my obsessive smooches

•pure entertainment at all times

•see the world in a whole new light

•values become oh so clear

•lost to find a fresh, deeper more purposeful sense of self

•grandma style homebody always feels like a good choice

•constantly learning what it means to take care of myself without feeling selfish

learning to no longer people please or to seek out what is “right” but only what is right for these babes and our family.

when there is pain acknowledge it but when there is beauty allow for it, share it, relish in it.

•I am so f****** lucky.

Thank you beautiful family for making me a mama to two special girls. Over the moon 🌙

All my ladies, mamas, on the path to be or sticking to the fur babies kind of mamas... we all play our roles in some way or another.

It takes a village. Celebrate.


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