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Teach Your Children Well

It has been interesting taking a deeper look into the way I want Charlotte to be raised and how I want to influence her learning.

I have been talking to a number of Mama girlfriends about nature based schooling and everything about it fascinates me. I wish all schools were geared toward honoring the outdoors and the value of what it teaches us about life.

Zack and I have shaped our lives to support and be a part of living the country life. It’s our happy place. Now that raising the next generation is a reality, what do I want to show my girls, instill in them? I love that the outdoors doesn’t need to come with a description or any explanation. We can walk it and the rest will only naturally be uncovered, discovered.

It’s amazing to see how innate it is in little people. Charlotte is the one to put her boots on and try to head out the door before morning coffee and the one that cries when we push her back through the door in the evening to go inside. Can I blame her? I don’t want to take that deep desire away from her.

I hope whatever schooling we choose for Charlotte and now for baby to come, that they have a world that is colored in the moment of what Mother Nature has to offer. She is our greatest teacher and I will never question that.

What schools of thought do you love for your little? How do you work the outdoors into your day? Any crafts and activities? Send them my way please and thank you.

Post windy trails with family on this holiday weekend.

Go enjoy the land we walk on.

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