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Celebrating Women

This one goes out to the ladies. It’s other women like you who inspire me to keep chugging along doing what I do. I know I am a student to the land, the animals,  and this life of mine. It’s the shared stories, valuable information, and comradery from women that allows my creative spirit to flourish. It is how our farm product line has come to life and how I expect it will continue to grow. I learn so much from other women who have strolled down this path before me, those right alongside me and those brave enough to begin.

I am the Mama who holds down the fort at the farm with our three littles. I am the woman who is the nuturer, the caretaker, to our animals and their needs. I am the one to hold a steady routine daily tending to and milking our goats.

We feel the richness in what it has provided for us and seek to share some of our abundance with you. I love working with my hands to make goat milk soaps, goat milk products, taking our pastured lard to make tallow items and steadily grow our own herbs to incorporate as well. This is only some of what makes up the woman in me.

I am held up by generations of other women who have carved the way. Then there are the women who offer their gifts to me today, each and everyday. They take my hand and remind me who I am doing this all for, the little ones I have made. I want to show them what this life is all about and what we are capable of, and just how much we all need one another.

We are here for celebrating all of the women out there making this world go round.

All of this inspired because our stomping grounds has put together a lovely women's weekend right in Naples, NY for women by women. Local businesses hosting wonderful events, local businesses offering handcrafted goods by women for women. We couldn't be happier to be a part of this event offering our goat milk soap & products. See ya there.

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