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Up Your Game Mama

Updated: Apr 11, 2019

When tea time becomes all the time. I am one to never say no to a good cup of coffee but this past week I’ve had to up my tea game if I am to avoid whatever it is Zack has been fighting off. The last thing I want is for this to make its way through the house. The time seems fitting to step up my health, self and wellness care regimen after a good Summer with a bit of indulgence. My oils paired with a good self care routine are solid ammo against whatever it is daddy caught last week.

Time to go tackle... ▪️Getting outdoors as much as possible

▪️moving my body, sweat it out ▪️herbal tea time all the time

▪️oil pull & activated charcoal AM ▪️in bed early

▪️drink water, repeat ▪️clean eating & bone broth

▪️oils! & daily supplements -on guard under the tongue 3-5x a day for added immune support -oregano diluted with a carrier oil rubbed into the soles of the feet to wipe out anything the body is fending off

-sip on citrus oils all day long for an antioxidant boost & naturally cleanse the system -peppermint oil on a washcloth to cool the body down, relax muscles -deep blue complex for any sore muscle or joints/inflammation -Thyme and Himalayan sea salt to gargle -dollop of local honey with a drop of lemon for itchy scratch throat relief

*For Charlotte baby, I rub diluted oregano & on guard on the bottoms of her feet 2x a day. She’s still getting the milks hence why Mamas needs to step it up.

Tried and true staples to keepin’ the trashy feelings at bay. Let me in on your health filled secrets! What would you do?


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