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Mama’s Yoga Practice

You have a baby and your heart is filled with more love than you knew possible. With the high highs there must come a new set of challenges, a shift in your life. When Charlotte was born I had to reconfigure how I went about my day, how I could make things flow again.

My in tune breath, my physical movement, my yoga practice, it went missing for some time. Take it away and there was a threat to my peace, sanity, my space. On one end was a want to be pasted to that little cherub on another there was the need for a moment for quiet and to connect.

Thank goodness that yoga is always there if you are willing to come back to it. It is a practice on but more so off the mat. It is the conscious breath that brings me harmony with the moment as it is. And it is now. Hot mess Mama and all.

When I do make it to my mat, sometimes it is alone... and sometimes with my sidekick. Just like I tell my students, choose to tune into what serves with all of your senses. I can choose to have the chaos on the mat stir up the chaos inside of me, let it boil over or I can see it for everything it is. In truth, it is a chance to connect with myself and the little human I have made.

Like I said, practice looks different these days. It is less dynamic sequencing, less sweat, less often but more real, raw, and true with pauses for kisses and giggles. I do my best to honor it. Before I know it, it will change again.


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