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24 Days For A Slow Holiday

Updated: Nov 28, 2023

The holidays are an opportunity to make family traditions. They can bring us closer to one another and lure us towards joy. But we have to be intentional. It is easy to add to that long list of to do’s during this time. Pair that with the sped up pace through the new year and well, the holidays can be life-sucking.

I am proposing a list of 24 activities that are simple and enjoyable. I get it, I am adding one more thing to your day but here me out. Commit to one simple activity each day that will connect you with your little ones and bring peace back into your home.

The greatest gift of the season can be your intention of presence and connection with one another. Any looming expectations of what your holiday should look like can be discarded. That is right, you have permission to go ahead and X out whatever you don't need to take up your time and energy for the remainder of the year. Make room for what really matters. Slow down and enjoy what this time brings.

I will let you in on a little secret. I like to write Santa’s message each night after my littles are tucked in bed. I can make our daily rhythm convenient, pleasurable, and suited to our needs. Come back to your grandeur purpose and priorities in life. Take a little time to reflect on what holiday's will mean to your children 10 years from now. For me, it is a value in togetherness. It's the spark of creativity and magic through crafting and imagination. It's the joy and love that comes from giving.

Each day's activity can be tweaked in any fashion to suit your home. This is our 24 days until Christmas countdown but perhaps for you it is 24 days until the winter solstice? Either way, here are 24 mindful activities you can do to embrace the holidays.

It’s even more fun romanticizing these little moments. Just maybe you end up by your wood fire, curled up on the couch with blankets, by candlelight, or with holiday music behind the scenes. These will make your ordinary simple activities memorable. I hope this list gives you, Mama, one less thing to think about and fills in some beautiful moments with those you love.

  1. Find the perfect Christmas tree

  2. Decorate the Christmas tree

  3. Paint pinecones

  4. Popcorn and a holiday movie night

  5. Wear pajamas ALL DAY LONG

  6. Decorate sugar cookies with Grandma

  7. Make holiday cards

  8. Declutter toys and goodwill drop off

  9. Make gingerbread cookies

  10. Make paper snowflakes to hang in the windows

  11. Listen to holiday music & sing along to Christmas carols

  12. Go outside and make a snow angel

  13. Make a home cooked meal for the family

  14. Read all of the holiday books in the house

  15. Play board games

  16. Make Christmas salt dough ornaments to hang on the Christmas tree

  17. Read about how other countries celebrate Christmas

  18. Random act of kindness

  19. Make hot cocoa

  20. Celebrate winter scavenger hunt

  21. Make your own gift wrap then wrap a gift

  22. Make homemade candles to gift

  23. Feed the birds or find an animal to give a treat

  24. Make seasonal potpourri on the stove


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