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Your Practice

Updated: Apr 11, 2019

Your practice gives you a chance to gently come back to you. A familiar arrival where you are welcomed, stress can subside and you can feel at ease. There is no guideline to your experience and there is no expectation for what you must accomplish. You show up and it is utterly and completely enough.

It is quite simple. There is no clenching,tensing, forcing and everything can be natural, at ease and explored as the perfection of all of your imperfections. No mirrors but what is inside. It is truly meant to be enjoyed just like life itself.

I love to have this practice that allows me to show up and come back to my potential. It’s a space I like to come from before delving into what the day entails. Make room for yourself even amidst the daily chaos. The gift itself will be making time to show up to practice wherever that is you are.

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