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Live Life Awake

What really matters to me most...

My relationship with myself/my body.

To feel peace/ease/joy in each day.

To show up as my best self each day.

To be light and playful.

My relationship with spirit/universe.

My relationship with Zack, Charlotte, baby on the way.

My relationship with family and friends.

My relationship to my community.

My relationship to my land, to the natural world.

The space I hold that allows me to serve others. A place where people can do their own inner healing to live by their truths, by their true nature, in enjoying the simple things. A ripple of lives that are awake and full!

I have put a lot of thought behind what matters to me most as of lately. I constantly question how to organize my days, how I want to spend my time and how that will quickly evolve into my life. Am I aligning my time with what I value most?

Most of our days are of the ordinary which can hold the most sacred of times when they are filled with what we love.

What do you say? Should we aim to fill in our schedules with specifically what wakes us up in life? Even in the simple moments between the labor and challenge?


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