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I Am Ready 2019

Updated: Jan 18, 2023

Ready. That is the word of the year. It has taken some time for me to finally share and I am trying to unravel why that is. Maybe I am scared… to commit. The last few years I have chosen a word over a mantra to keep things simple and memorable. 2017 Synchronicity. 2018 Home. 2019 Ready.

I usually allow the word to come to me as I reflect in the last month of the year.This year I am READY is what I am sticking too. As I already conveyed, I have been putzing along into the new year. Trust in the process is what I am practicing and I am already learning new meaning to all of that in this brand spankin’ new year.

I am ready right now for everything I could possibly need. I don’t need to make sure I freshen up, go stand in line or work to earn entitlement in feeling worthy of my desires. I am ready for all that I am and all I have to give. Why not me?

I am ready to share my story. I am ready to live my truth. I am ready to take on all of those dreams and take the steps to mold them into my reality. I know I have been on the grind but I am ready to continue this process with an adapted attitude. I am capable. I will keep going no matter the condition.

There is so much momentum in the new year. Even if you are like myself and have started off in sloth mode, take it as a sign to reel back and find out why? What are your deepest desires? What word will bring them to life this year? One word, that you can magnify, paint a picture with and write your very own story that has already started but just may start to get a lot more interesting.

I can feel the good things coming.


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