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Be About It

I had a lovely birthday celebrating 34 years yesterday. The day started off working at a local farm event. I brought along Charlotte who always makes the hours more entertaining. I shared stories with strangers and met some wonderful people in our local community. Markets always take energy to set up and show up but they will fill your cup right back up with the energy and enthusiasm of people. Life is always rich there.

We wrapped things up by early afternoon and headed over to the lake. We spent time with family. Zack’s parents would kindly watch all the babes so we could boat our way and go out to dinner for cocktail hour. Like I said, lovely. I was bursting out the seams with gratitude really. I can’t get out of my mind a conversation Zack and I dug into during dinner. We were reflecting on how far we have come. No matter the hardships we have endured in a given year we have always experienced exponential growth. That is comforting and empowering as you never know what is coming your way but you have years past that show you that together you endure, overcome and come out better for it. Zack and I are two different people but I know that those differences are what compliment each other in our relationship. We clearly know our tasks as our partnership as parents, and most definitely our roles on the farm.

I asked Zack what he thinks it is about us that has allowed for the riches in our life. How do we have this farm, this life that we have built that we get to wake up to? This question sparked only further conversation. But the answer in agreement was that we both do what we seek out to do. Neither of us know it all, far from it really. I can fully trust that Zack’s desires will be fulfilled and I stand behind him in doing so. For me, the same. This takes an endless balance (which never is balanced) to initiate, take action, and do the thing it is we are trying to do.

Zack was recently given the opportunity to speak for a Cornell College class on Homesteading 101 for an evening. The group seemed inspired by the information Zack was able to share and what we have established here on the farm. In December of 2017 it all began for us. Today, we continue to grow. I know you could not tell me 10 years ago that this is what my life would look like. Zack and I would never want to come across like we know it all, because we don't and we never ever will. We are good at keeping our heads down and swallowing up all we do here on the farm. I am here trying to remind myself to lift our heads up and notice every once in awhile. Perhaps why I am sharing it right now?

It is a beautiful thing to watch more and more people desire a life of self-sufficiency, caring for the land, and craving community. Do you think maybe you have done enough dreaming up, planning out, thinking about it and now it is time to go be about it? It is a completely vulnerable space, one where you will inevitably make mistakes. Nature and the land we walk on is quite forgiving and even understanding that we play caretaker only doing our darn best. What a responsibility we hold and an empowering place to take up. I don’t think this Being has to be the most intelligent way, that it needs to be done the most efficient way or that it need be done for any other reason other than with good intention. For us, our intentions for what we have created here at home comes from the purest good and one that seeps out of our pores. It consumes what we tend to with our hands day in and day out. That is a feeling that will always hold more power than what can be shown or explained.

You want to start a garden? You want to learn how to make a sourdough loaf of bread? You want to raise a dairy animal? You want to build a structure from wood off of your own land?

Go be about it. It is that simple. Don't wait for the conditions to be just right. But do show up, and keep showing up…that is for certain. You can switch gears and change up what isn’t serving you but you can only make that happen if you are already doing it.

So this is what kept me up last night as I celebrated my 34th year in life. I am taking a birds eye view to reflect on where I am, what I have, and all I still crave. I have sooo much I want to do and Zack and I can fall victim to all we have not accomplished BUT… the sweet spot is those moments you can kick off your shoes, sit back, and acknowledge how far you have come.

What do you want to be about?

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