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Turmeric Tea

dōTERRA finally launched their new line including turmeric & pink pepper!!! The duo is available to all of you October 1st!!! I knew exactly what I was going to do with these two when I came home from convention with them... make myself some turmeric tea to warm the soul mmmmmmmmm. It’s now a part of my nightly routine I look forward to. It doesn’t hurt that I’ve replaced munchies with sips of this sunshine tea.

I’ve started making turmeric tea a part of my evening ritual to calm down and get ready for a good nights rest. It’s a staple for your health regimen if your a fan of a strong immune system and it feels so nourishing. This distilled root works wonders on our nervous system so oh happy day to our emotions. An added bonus, it clears up your skin and even makes it baby soft.

If that’s not enough we now have pink pepper and it makes a great addition to the tea. Turmeric harmonizes beautifully with pepper really driving all of the benefits into your system. Pink pepper is amazing for cellular function. Think renewal of cells = vitality! Pair a cup of this goodness and you will thank me later. Don’t forget a good read like my new fav from this farm girl #seasonsatthefarm @theelliotthome 👌🏻

☀️turmeric tea

8oz milk of choice. I used organic oat milk.

Warm up in a pot. Turn off the heat before it boils!

3💧 turmeric

2💧pink pepper

Sweetener of choice. I went with @flying_moss_treenworks honey made right here at home, nothing better.

Blend. I use the nutribullet to get a nice froth!

A dash of spice, pumpkin spice was my choice obviously.

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