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Prep The Cleanse

Updated: Apr 11, 2019

I promised I would continue to share with you the details on my most recent cleanse so here it is. The way I go about it is so very personal to me and my past experience. I view my version of a cleanse as a hyrbrid of Keto, GAPS, and everything in between. It works wonders if and when you are ready. Add in or let go what you choose, no judgement here. I committed to 5 days. I would say choose 3 days minimum for honest results. But there are always exceptions, am I right? After the deepest cleanse, I love to have Monday morning maintenance by starting off with bone broth first thing and waiting to make a solid meal until later in the day. A “cleanse” is what you make of it and by no means has to be all or nothing. You may even read my list and say “coffee makes the cut Hayley, really?” And yes, it aids in cleansing if it is quality, controlled in quantity and made sure water intake increases since caffeine is dehydrating. Cutting coffee out is just the next layer for me if I ever have the willpower to go there. Anyhow, here are some essentials before you begin.

1.Prep -Prep all ingredients ahead of time. Buy everything you would want or need beforehand, make your bone broth. You can purchase bone broth but homemade is easier than you think to make and better for you. I personally start with lemon water, followed by coffee, sip bone broth throughout the day, drink fresh pressed juices or blended smoothies, steam up a light portion of vegetables for dinner and follow with a bit more bone broth. Hydrating with water throughout is always a good idea. Split your weight in half and drink that in ounces each day. You don’t want to have an excuse to stop your cleanse because you don’t have what you need. Purchase all you could possibly want ahead of time and be willing to buy organic! The whole point is to release the pesticides, toxins and anything rotten from your body, not to take on more. It will be worth it. You are worth it.

2. Buddy up- Who wants to join in with you? This person can hold you to your commitment and be there when you want to cave. Support is always best.

3. Intention- What is your why? The reason you are taking this on. Put it in writing and come back to it to keep you grounded when you want to fall astray.

4. Take it easy. Make white space in your schedule and don’t expect to be too social. Give yourself a little slack on your exercise regimen. You can still move your body but tune in to what you need. A little sweat is just another way to release those toxins. P.S. it may be a bit more pungent than usual. All good things.

5. Be aware & adaptable- What is best for you right now? There will never ever be one size fits all for your health. You should not feel like your starving yourself or like you are going to pass out. You will be challenged and naturally notice when you are genuinely hungry. I save my organic steamed vegetables for dinner time when I am ravenous.

Also, support your emotions! As you clean physically you inevitably clean emotionally, spiritually. It gets worse before it gets better. You may break out, be moody and this all sounds like why the hell would I choose this? Because your finished product is everything you could ever want. I look like I am back in puberty right now with a face full of pimples but I know my body was purposely flushing out the bad. It may not be perfect but it is better than who you were before and that is what we are doing here.

Taking clearly placed steps and leaving a lighter trail behind . Allowing for growth to be continuous and for my best to be ahead of me. That is my why? Make yours concrete and perhaps you let me in on it? Maybe if you’re lucky, everything will start to be seen with love.

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