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My Medicine Cabinet

It wouldn't be right to let this month go by without recognizing my sixth anniversary using dōTERRA essential oils.

This the shelf I come to each morning to answer my health & wellness needs. It comes with great smells and greater benefits for me and my family.

I remember when I took the plunge and bought my very own kit consisting of ten essential oils. It was overwhelming and exciting all at once. I integrated them slowly into my world but watched as they brought me from a skeptic to now being a face that offers them into your very own home. They are essential.

They taught me a foundation for health and most importantly, that I am responsible for my well being. It is too common now that I find people seeking out the quick fix or none at all hoping there is something else to blame for their physical discomfort, emotional concerns or mental dissaray.

I will be in the oil world as long as I live and then some. Plants have the power to get to the root of our problems and allow for us to be a source to finding them. They are available to us but it all starts with one step forward and that's from you.

Cold sores, hormonal support, bug bites, sunscreen, energy uplift, household cleaning agents are all tackled from this shelf right here. One of the very things I am most grateful for.

Empower yourself and take the role that you do know better, you can always learn, your opinion matters and you do have the right to feel good. When will you take the step or if you have created the path for you, do you contain to uplevel?


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