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Fuel For The Cleanse

Updated: Apr 11, 2019

Taking on the cleanse from my previous post?

What your fuel will become for the next few days: •Water •Coffee •Bone broth •Organic fresh pressed or blended vegetable/fruit juices ( I stuck to celery juice). •Organic vegetables: some of my favorites are greens with avocado and a squeeze of lemon, steamed broccoli and cauliflower (I try to choose a liquid diet to give my digestive tract a break. Supper time is when I feel ravenous so organic vegetables and even a cheat of a little grass-fed butter or organic coconut oil is as far as I take it). •Essential Oils: I drop my supplements for a number of days and integrate all citrus oils to naturally detox. Zendocrine is an incredible blend of herbs to assist in this process as well. I could go on about how the oils will support you, your body, your emotions. And yes, I take them internally but I would never recommend any oil ingested besides dōTERRA. Use them if you have them or reach out so we can get them in your home before you begin.

Final Note* Exit your cleanse cautiously. This is my weak point. Do your best to integrate foods back in that serve you. You will be much more likely to notice if a food you are eating doesn’t sit well with you (gluten, dairy, sugars). Do your best to not go running out to chow down a whopping double cheeseburger and fries. Go back to your why? Happy healing my friends. That bone broth from scratch have you tried yet? You can go back to my stories at HOME to find more there. Do you have a different view on cleansing? How does it go on your end?

I’m a lady of all the beverages, always.

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