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Essential Baby Remedies

Updated: Jan 31, 2020

There have been many of life’s little inconveniences that have come up since having my two girls. I have shown up to the doctor’s office for wellness visits and taken advantage of my allotted time to inquire about possible solutions for these random issues coming up for my babies. I often receive jaw-dropping answers that include antibiotics or prescription creams.

I guess I am confused about how we have come to a place where we don’t advocate for ourselves and our children. Even further than that, why are we not ALWAYS seeking out a natural solution before taking other measures? There is 100% a place for the medical world but why is it even a question to try natural solutions first? With small everyday problems, we can tend to them with ingredients that only promote health and wellness, that work harmoniously with the human body and get to the root of what is truly going on with zero side effects.

My answer to just about every not so ideal situation in my household is essential oils. Really, it is absolutely crazy the array of benefits they can offer and relieve you of depending upon the “inconvenience” or the little speed bumps you may run into. I always have my fingers crossed saying this but, oils are all my family has ever needed. Delilah is heading into her fourth month here in the world and it hasn’t been all smooth sailing. We have remedied ourselves silly for my mastitis, "flu season", mini diaper rashes, stinky cheese neck (you know what I am talking about), and a cough we both have been battling. Beyond my diet, getting outside and good rest, the oils have been our answer every single time!

Here are some of my tried and true uses that I simply could not live without when raising fresh new perfect babes. They may be used in conjunction with other natural products to offer even more relief.

Remember essential oils can be powerful healers for babies as long as they are used aromatically or topically never internally and always heavily diluted with a carrier oil like fractionated coconut oil. Essential oils are a potent form of the plant form you are more familiar with so less is more and most definitely effective.

Go ahead now, arm yourself and be smooth sailing savoring this precious time for you and your little one.

Easy Breathing-

There is nothing worse than when you notice your baby is struggling to breathe because of a sniffly nose. Most of us know the magic of the nose sucker or The Nose Frida, gross but effective. Another solution that may I say, is even more efficient, is Breathe TouchBreathe Touch oil a respiratory blend. It helps to clear airways, especially at night. You can add a couple of drops of the oil into a diffuser. Roll the touch blend onto baby’s chest for a cooling vapor effect. I have often rolled the blend across my own chest before nursing so my baby could enjoy the benefits aromatically during feedings.

Teething Blend-

I found my groove relieving Charlotte’s teething using Camilia, a homeopathic remedy for teething relief. I paired the medicine with any of these oils:

I would rub into her jawline. Don’t hesitate to apply the oil blend every 20 minutes until there is noticeable relief. The binky can bring a bit of comfort as well. Pair about 5 drops of your favorite combination of oils with fractionated coconut oil and add it all to a 10 ml roller bottle. You will be ready any time teething sneaks up on you.

Digestive Relief-

I can’t tell you how many times these remedies have come into play and relieved both of my girls from digestion upset. Roll on either Tamer or Digestzen roller blends to your little one’s belly in a circular clockwise motion. Do some bicycle kicks with your baby’s legs to get things moving along whether they are having trouble digesting specific foods, their tummy is upset, or if baby is constipated.

This one is actually for you Mama. PB Assist is a probiotic. A probiotic is essential to take daily to promote good gut health. All Mamas, I hope you take one for your own sake! If you are nursing, you can make sure to keep taking this supplement daily or twice daily if your baby shows any signs of digestion issues perhaps from what you have been eating. Yes, your diet can affect baby’s digestion. A probiotic that you take internally will be beneficial in the milk you make and feed your baby.

Immune Support-

It is not by accident you keep your baby healthy. Beyond their diet, you can serve them well by applying a Stronger or On Guard Touch to the bottoms of their feet and along their spine to combat bad bacteria, viruses and environmental threats they encounter daily. It can actually be beneficial to switch up your oils periodically to keep the bad bacteria guessing. Applying these pre-diluted blends morning and night can become an essential part of your wellness routine. Increase how often you are applying the oil if there is something baby is fighting off.


Essential oils work nicely into your nightly routine. They can emotionally help your children to wind down and set the mood for a restful night’s sleep. Personally, my house has chosen Serenity oil as the favorited blend to check all the boxes. I place a drop or two on my babies’ lovey blanket or add a drop mixed into fractionated coconut oil to massage all over their body after bathtime/a shower. Add a single drop with a dime-sized amount of fractionated coconut oil to rub into the bottoms of the feet and down the spine. Any of the oils listed below can be used to calm a fussy baby and promote restful sleep. It doesn’t’ hurt that baby smells delicious. Here are a number of others that will do the trick as well...

Milk Production-

Basil and Fennel are both great oils to support and regulate your milk supply when nursing. You can take two drops of each oil internally on a spoon with a teaspoon of organic coconut oil daily to maintain a good supply beyond nursing or pumping regularly. Mamas, we know how invaluable our milk is! If you are watching your supply dwindle and panic, don’t! Buy Natal Nourish and thank me later. This is a potent all-natural herbal tincture that has worked effectively within 48 hours for me on a number of occasions.

Fever- Peppermint can be one effective oil to ease a baby’s fever. Remember, a fever is a natural occurrence that is working to fend off what is actually wrong in the body. If kept within reason (less than 104 degrees Fahrenheit rectally), I personally opt-out of any medicine and let the body take action. Please be sure to check in with your doctor first. Peppermint has a cooling effect and can help to comfort your baby and help to reduce the temperature. You can dilute the oils with fractionated coconut oil to topically apply with a single drop of peppermint oil to the bottom of baby’s feet. Apply every thirty minutes as needed.

Dry Skin/Cradle Cap-

Fractionated Coconut Oil will become your best friend. This oil is scentless, stainless and naturally moisturizing to the skin. It works synergistically with essential oils to nourish the skin and ease any irritations or discomfort. The combination of FCO with essential oils makes for a great mask treatment to treat cradle cap. Combine a drop of Roman Chamomile or Lavender with a generous quarter-sized amount of FCO and work into your baby’s scalp. “Mama Natural” has an informative post on natural remedies for cradle cap and can show you how to treat it. In all honesty, I think cradle cap is better left than treated. I like to do this treatment when it is really necessary otherwise I try to leave it be. I love adding these two oils with FCO as a moisturizer to baby’s skin. You can give your baby a massage to spend some time with your baby, calm them, nourish their skin and make them smell oh so delicious.

Diaper Rash- Lavender, Tea Tree, and Frankincense oils are a magical combination that works together to heal any skin irritation. Make sure not to use this combination on any open sores. Make up your own diaper wipe solution.

*Go ahead and click each oil or oil blend to learn more about the benefits. You can find out each individual plant, herb, bark that makes them up and even see where you can grab some for your home. I use solely doTERRA oils which guarantees thorough testing for safety, potency and efficacy in each and every bottle. Be sure to check in with your physician if you have any questions or concerns. You will most definitely want to look into Fractionated Coconut Oil to blend with your essential oils for baby topically. If you fall in love with the simplicity of oils to makeover your home both the Touch Kit and the Kids Collection comes pre-diluted and ready to be applied topically for baby, your children, and YOU. I link up the oil bottles ex: Frankincense as well as their diluted version ex: Frankincense Touch. Some people prefer a bottle that can be used other than topically. The Touch versions are pre-diluted in fractionated coconut oil and ready to be applied topically.

I hope you find great relief in trying some of these easy remedies at home. There is nothing better than a happy & healthy baby. These are the exact secret weapons I use regularly to keep my babies thriving. Feel free to reach out if you need more guidance! Do what you feel comfortable with but don’t be scared of what is natural! I am happy to help and share what I know.

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