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Elixir Of Life

Updated: Jan 26, 2021

This elixir has taken me through the years. It always seems to warm me up from the inside out during the cold the winter months. It is naturally cleansing and I even enjoy the taste. I’ll give ya the details below.

detox tea elixir

8-12oz filtered water in your favorite mug 2 tablespoons organic apple cider vinegar (with the mother) 1 tablespoon of organic local honey 1/2 squeezed organic lemon 2-3 💧 lemon essential oil or on guard protective blend Dash of cinnamon Dash of cayenne You can dilute the taste of the apple cider vinegar by adding water if the flavor is too strong for your palate. Even add more honey if you need it a touch sweeter. Put the tea kettle on after you fill it with water. Pour in your mug your apple cider vinegar. Add your water when it is warm enough to your liking. Add your cayenne and cinnamon. Wait to make sure your water lowers it’s temperature from a boil point then it’s safe to add your essential oils. Squeeze in a lemon half. Stir. A few of the many benefits... Natural detox. Antioxidant support. Metabolic support. Immune support. Gut support. Hydrating. Stamina & energy. Aid digestion. Now go try one for yourself. It only takes a moment to make. Then you can cuddle up, enjoy every warm sip and get on with your day. #naturalremedies #whatsyourremedy#consciousliving #detoxnaturally#putingetback #fillupyourcup#rinseandrepeat #vitality #livefull#elixiroflife #detoxteaelixir

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