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Diaper Wipe Solution

Here is a quick and easy recipe you can make up at home to help clean your baby’s bottom without irritating sensitive skin or causing diaper rash. The remedy is best used with reusable wipes. You can use the solution to easily remove and thoroughly clean your baby’s skin before changing their diaper. Over the years, I have found little use for wet wipes when there is a pee-pee diaper. Save yourself some money and spare your baby of the discomfort by opting into reusable wipes and using them as often as you can.

I have provided both a spray bottle and a squeeze bottle solution to see which one you may prefer. The spray bottle solution is stowed in my diaper bag for easy diaper changing when we are on the go. The squeeze bottle option is great to place at-home diaper changing stations.

I first tried the solution out because I was sick of how cold wipes were on my little one. I hated that I had to go out of my way to find the clean ingredient brands which were more expensive and did I mention how wasteful I felt using a wipe on a pee pee diaper? I know you hear me on that one. Using dry wipes for less messy diaper changes have helped prevent diaper rash in my home. My girls both tend to have sensitive skin and the dry wipes with solution are much gentler on their skin. Hence, why I stick to the solution for 90% of my diaper changes. Don't knock it 'til you try it. And now you can...go for it.

Diaper Spray/Wipe Solution

1 tablespoon castile soap

2/3 drops Frankincense

2/3 drops Lavender

2/3 drops Tea Tree (Melaleuca)

Fill up the rest of the bottle with distilled/filtered water. Leave enough room at the top to twist the cap back on.

Dry wipe of choice (preferably organic material)

*Notice 2 drops of oil each for 2 oz spray and 3 drops of oil each for 3 oz squeeze bottle



Soothing effect

Reduces the appearance of skin imperfections

Rejuvenates skin

Minimizes skin sensitivity





Calms skin

Reduces the appearance of skin imperfections

Soothes skin irritations



Tea Tree





Purifies skin

Rejuvenates skin

Spray: Shake bottle and spray it a few times into a dry wipe, apply to baby’s bum. Dry off baby’s bum with a dry wipe and change the diaper. You can even spray directly on baby's bum as long as there is no signs of open skin.

Squeeze bottle: Shake bottle and squeeze a dime-size amount on to one side of your dry wipe and apply it to baby’s bum. Use the other side of your wipe that is still clean to dry off baby’s bum before placing a new diaper on. Feel free to use two separate dry wipes if you are working with a messy diaper.

*Don’t apply the solution to any skin abrasions, open wounds or sores.


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