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Complexion Mist Spray

I have this favorite complexion mist spray. My mom gifted it to me in the labor room delivering Charlotte and I’ve been drawn to it ever since. It was a sad moment when it ran out so I looked it up so I could re-up, took one look at the cost, and knew I had a better solution.

I love using other lines to spark ideas of what I want to personally use in my skincare regimen. Neroli, rose & sandalwood are what make up my complexion blend and I was conveniently all stocked up on my favorites when the time came to make a diy facial mist.

3 tablespoons witch hazel

1/3 neroli roller

1/3 rose roller

1/3 15 drops sandalwood

Filtered water

All poured into a large spritz bottle.

This combo works marvelous because the fractionated coconut oil is already added in the rollers of neroli and rose.I really don’t know if there is a combination better than this to beat but if I’m missing out, dish it out! I thank the line that introduced me to the trio together but I’m more thankful right at home I have my oils that are ones sourced from their native country, where sustainability is practiced and there is a direct relationship made with farmer, jobs provided to help their communities thrive. For my benefit, I know my oils are the most potent and effective form with all of their benefits preserved running through vigorous testing before it gets into my hands. I know exactly what is in my facial mist.

These oils are calming, grounding and even meditative emotionally while they leave your face more supple, toned, glowing and refreshed. Give yourself a beauty spritz down over your face, décolleté, hair and body. I save mine for morning and evening skincare routine right at the end of my regimen but most of all, I love it for a mid afternoon refresher.

So keep your eyes peeled for go to ideas that you can then run home and make for yourself! What are your beauty combos?

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