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Committing To The Cleanse

I haven’t had the chance to detox for over two years! I was lucky enough to be able to support my baby, nourishing her in and out of the womb.

Can I say that it feels delicious to retreat back to myself and see what needs tending to. My body has been yearning for change so I have put a plan into action and if you can believe it, I am following it.

You know when you wake up with a tongue full of flem, bloodshot eyes, and sausage fingers that won’t allow for your wedding rings to come on or off? It’s a cute look. It will take more than the routine self care to make space for my body to heal and thrive better than before.

•I’ll let you in on my little journey and what has made it easier than ever before. I have done a number of detoxes and am lucky that my wellness path has surrounded me with a wealth of knowledge around the topic to decide what route I choose to take. Perhaps for you, this has you contemplate what it means to make room, to reflect and renew at different seasons in your life. What does it take to come back home, to find out how good you can feel and to heal.

•nourish with homemade bone broths, fresh organic vegetable juices, water, tea detox elixirs and so on. It is an opportunity to literally clean house physically, mentally, emotionally in all ways really. I don’t look to pack my schedule full, I lighten my exercise routine (though a little sweat can aid the process) and I role play cave dweller to go inward and support my why without distraction.

•I cleanse to find the light again. It is a feeling more than an explanation. There is empowerment through seeking out your own personal health, your vital self, and how powerful it can all make you feel. You are healing your way back home, clearing out all the compartments of yourself that are often emptied but rarely wiped clean. You are not settling but asking for more out of what you were given.

•I’ll divulge my findings and be sure to provide you with my self care check list that has prepped me for this process. Oh, and then there is my detox tea elixir, that most come first. Homemade bone broth? It’s a must but in time. How do you renew? ...

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