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Claim A Life You Want To Lead

I made it to dōTERRA’s convention this year. This meant leaving my baby for the first time and flying out west to learn more about this essential oil company I know and love. I thought I was excited for what was to come but I had no idea. This company has left more than an impression, it has left an imprint on my heart. This weekend reassured me this is exactly where I need to be.

Convention itself was beyond my expectations listening to one genuine soul and another share his/her message to all 30k of us! Those stories came from Hugh Jackman, best selling author Immaculée Ilibagiza, and NFL player Tim Hightower & his wife Rikki to name a few. I surrendered to a trip of bloodshot eyes caused by the surplus of tears I shed. You all know I’m emotional as it is but I have truly never felt a part of something of this nature. Something this big!

A company that has a genuine product that every single person can benefit from. They have an army of scientists to find the latest research making sure the oils we consume are trusted, tested, safe, pure & medicinally effective. dōTERRA has taken the road less travelled to provide oils sourced from around the globe that give us the absolute best essential oil. We have set the standard.

We as a company provide jobs and enrich the lives of so many less fortunate populations. We are taking a part in building up communities in third world counties and empowering them. We give them independence as small scale farmers and harvesters are ensured fair wages paid out in a timely fashion and we...we are provided with these marvelous gifts of the earth.

We as the wellness advocates, who share our love in the oils, are changing our current healthcare system. People have an answer to wellness and a way to address 80 plus percent of health concerns without needing any medical treatment. Homes are being introduced and healed one drop at a time. This is a new wave my friends. We are taking our power back. “The calvary has come.” I ask you to come join in.

Use the oils! Share the oils! Have an oil biz of your own! Lady warriors, who wants to claim a life of their wildest dreams!? You can only go up.

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