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Bone Broth

Updated: Apr 11, 2019

Bone broth unexpectedly came into my life a few years ago. All thanks to @athomewithwellness for sharing with me what would be a leading factor in helping me to physically heal. I was suffering from leaky gut and it was a miserable experience. The name itself is gross. I am thankful to have learned so many ways to hopefully never go back to that place of a foggy head and digestive distress.I took a number of steps in making my way back to good health and sipping bone broth on the daily was the most satisfying habit I implemented that will never leave me. Today, it is a staple in my kitchen and my whole family benefits from a weekly batch.

We sip it warm on its own, add in to cook rice or other grains and often make Zack’s favorite, chicken noodle soup. You can use any animal carcass you have but preferably organic. I am proud to say we now use our own chicken, pork, duck and pheasant to heal our souls but you can always find a local farmer, food store and store bought is still worth it!

There are so many benefits in sipping that slow simmered nourishing goodness and for minimal effort to make! Do you have a crockpot? Great, you are pretty set to go. The broth is so cheap to make and offers minerals your body can easily absorb, helps aid your digestion, reduces inflammation and oh so much more!

Check out my stories under “HOME” later on today for the low down how to make easy peasy bone broth for your home. And now that we are into the new year… It is a opportune time to walk you through my personal cleanse. Perhaps you can shape one that fits just right on you. Hang tight.

All you need: Crockpot Water ( I use my reverse osmosis water, filter water is great, tap water won’t kill you) Apple Cider Vinegar Himalayan Sea Salt

Check out true_soul instagram stories under "HOME" for your step-by-step guide and delicious bone broth.

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