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A Foundation For Good Health

Updated: Mar 30, 2020

A solid routine to follow has become a must for my sanity, physical health, and well-being! Being the good wife and Mom that I am, don’t roll your eyes, I implement this routine to follow each day so that good health practices become automatic.

Don't go thinking I am perfect and that I never forget one or that I don’t have one of those days even weeks where all goes off track. Do know that I notice a big difference in the ways our days unfold more peacefully and easily when these good habits are practiced.

I have been refining a health regimen for oh so long. It's not only for me but for my husband and my babies. These ideas that I have refined are our foundation for good health. These building blocks go missing and everything else seems to fall apart. Hear me?

It has become more clear what I define as our non-negotiables after the last few months that led us to the pandemic we now face. It started as my way to work around the added holiday indulgences and lack thereof routine during those cold winter months. Then, I had to step up my game as each of us in my family, one by one was taken down by a cold that extended a lifetime. Then, I wanted to feel more than prepared for our family vacation which meant traveling by plane for the first time with the four of us. Which led us home moments before the pandemic of Coronavirus hit hard. And, now a time that has threatened not our health alone but everyone around us.

So, that is what has and what will continue to shape our foundation for good health. There is absolutely no better time to arise to the occasion and feel solid in what it is you do each day to take care of you and your loved ones. I know you are already saying, "Hayley, get on with it." So here it is, the ever-evolving run down of how we build a solid base of health over here in this household.

You'll see that many of these are obvious but see them as staples, the base for what makes up a happier you.

This is what I tell myself...


  • Aim for seven or eight hours at night

-Establish a bedtime routine to help you unwind from the day and to invite in a relaxing environment before you get your shuteye.


  • Organic whenever possible

  • Cut the garbage out

  • Consume probiotic-rich foods (kombucha, sauerkraut, beet kvass, kefir, yogurt)

  • Sip on bone broth & mushroom broth

  • Yes to raw milk if you can find a trusty source & better yet, you be the source (talk about a super-food and good gut health)

  • Nix sugars (love on: honey & maple syrup)

  • Drink more water!

  • Drink less booze

Think on this:

-How many hidden sugars are in the products you buy!? Check! You will be amazed.

Ex: Ketchup, Salsa

-Sugars suppress the immune system and can start to take negative effects in a matter of 30 minutes on the body.

- At least 70% of your immune system is found in the gut so keeping a healthy environment in your gut is essential to remain in a healthy state.


  • Move your body

  • Go outside and breathe in fresh air (woohoo vitamin D)

  • Yoga (obviously)

-Don’t allow for all or nothing. A ten-minute walk could be just what you need to feel refreshed.

Try this:

-Instead of focusing on breaking awful habits, add a new one to implement that will make for positive change in your everyday life. You very well may surprise yourself if you take it slowly and tack one good habit on at a time, a bad one may fall away.

Ex: Make a healthy morning smoothie chock-full of super-foods to prevent the no breakfast hangry self-starvation mode feeling that can lead to impulse choices that are less nutrient-dense choices later in the day.


  • Build healthy positive relationships

  • Practice mindfulness (awareness of your thoughts) techniques such as yoga and meditation

-Constant stress can lead to chronic inflammation and weaken the immune system.


  • Keep your home clean

-Essential Oils used in the household kill the bad bacteria and keep the good bacteria, unlike store-bought synthetic cleaners like Clorox or Lysol.

-Make and replace any household cleaning item for higher efficiency and cheaper costs!

-Run smell good diffuser blends that eliminate toxins in the air.

They were simple enough am I right? We both know that doesn’t mean they are just as easy to follow closely. Do what you can to find the right balance and if you fall off the wagon, take a look to see what is missing. I would love to know your must-have items. Please, do tell!


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